Today was VERY pink.

We spent the morning at the hospital for my check-up with the new doctor.  He seems nice and was trained in the UK so is plenty used to VBAC.  He said in England there really wasn’t other options and it wasn’t until he came back to Thailand that he realized this was “special”.  I liked that he was perfectly willing to wait for me to go into labor by myself and not try to force anything.  Next week we’ll go back to see how baby girl is growing.

Once we left the doctor’s office, we decided to take a quick stroll to see the newborn babies.  It was a trip down memory lane.  Jeff held Macy up to see all the new babies – boys with their blue blankets and girls with their pink ones – and asked her what color her baby sister would have soon.  “Pink!” said Macy.  “I like the pink ones!”

After lunch, we rode home in a pink taxi.  Macy was pretty pleased.

During Macy’s nap, Jeff went out to get a haircut and ended up in a place that also does pedicures.  Oh, how good a pedicure sounds to a very pregnant girl who has difficulty reaching her feet now.

So we all three ventured out for Mommy to get a pedicure.  Which turned into an extra Christmas gift for Macy.

Jeff – “Macy, would you like to have your nails painted too?”

Macy – “Yes.”

Jeff – “What color?”

Macy – “Pink!”

Getting ready

Serious face

She giggled when she saw how pink the nail polish was

Jeff and I hold her hands down.  Even though she was so excited to have her nails painted, there was no way she could sit still long enough for them to dry.

Matching toes

And if that didn’t make our day pink enough, we got to go swimming that afternoon…in our very pink bathing suit

Doesn’t get any better than that.


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