As we walked into the hospital for my check-up today, I realized today marked the beginning of my 39th week.  Whew.  No wonder I feel so fat.

I’m still getting used to this new doctor.  For one thing, he’s a man and I’m used to having women ob/gyns (just personal preference).  And for another, he’s pretty laid back (which is a good thing) and not much of a talker.  You have to ask him direct questions to get answers and if you don’t you’ll be in and out of his office in under 5 minutes.  None of this stuff is bad; I’m just having to get used to the way he does things.

He’s pleased with the way baby girl is looking.  Healthy heartbeat, growing bigger (yay protein powder), and head down.  Good girl.  She’s weighing in at about 3 kg (6.6 pounds) more or less and I asked if I could stop drinking the oh-so-wonderful protein drinks and he smiled and said yes.

So now we just wait.  Macy was born exactly on her due date, so we’ll see how baby sister does.  I am glad that she’s held on this long, because my parents are on a plane as I write this so I wanted her to at least wait until they got here.  Once again, good girl.


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