Two is Louder

I’ve come to a very interesting realization as a new mother of two.

Two children are louder than one.

It didn’t take me long to come to this realization.

I’m going to try and tell this story with no embellishment, as it needs none.

Macy normally takes her nap between one and one-thirty.  She’ll typically sleep for about two hours and then is ready to go for the rest of the day.

Except for today, that is.

I put her down right around 1:15.  Around 1:17, Selah decided to cry.  This, of course, made Macy cry.  Selah cried harder.  Macy cried harder.

I passed Selah off to my mom and went in to check on Macy.

“Mommy, you get baby Selah.  She’s crying.”

“I know, baby.  But Mama has her.  She’s ok.  Sometimes babies just cry.”

I got Macy settled back down and left the room.


I left Macy alone for a little while – it’s not atypical for her to have to settle down before nap – but couldn’t get Selah to calm down.  Mom and I both tried, but to no avail.  She wanted to cry.

And so Macy cried.  Louder.

“Baby Selah!!!! Mommy!!!”

With Mom getting Selah to semi-settle down, I went back in.

Macy was wide awake.  I held her for a minute and she did calm down some.  She gets really upset when Selah cries.  Then she started reciting Madeline.  Word for word.

I had a feeling there would not be a nap today.

I put her back in her bed, kissed her, told her I loved her and that I needed her to get some sleep.  “We’re all going to take a nap now.”  (translation: Mommy REALLY needs to lay down.  Just for a few minutes.  Please, Macy, please.)

We had managed to reach Selah’s afternoon feeding time, so I was able to get her quiet.  While Selah ate, Macy talked.  And sang.  And cried.  And talked some more.

Mom offered to go in and check on Macy.  I let her.

They laid down together for a little while.  I heard Macy talking to Mom.  And when Mom went to put Macy back into her bed, she lost it again.  By this time, Selah was done eating and in her own bed.

I went in one last time.


“I want to lay down with Mama.  In that big bed.”

“I know.  But you’re going to lay down in Macy’s bed.  It’s time to close our eyes and rest.  When you wake up, we can all play.  I love you.  It’s time to sleep now.”

I patted her back and she laid back down in her bed, holding her baby (the stuffed giraffe she sleeps with).

And when I closed the door, she wailed.  And wailed.

I sat on the couch.  My mom offered to go back in.

“No.  Let’s just give her a few minutes.”

For about 10 minutes, Macy cried.  I closed my eyes and waited.

Eventually, the sound stopped.


It was just about 3 o’clock. I have no idea where the two hours went.

I feel asleep sitting like that on the couch and woke up with a start after a couple of minutes.  My mom and I both went to lay down.

It was blissfully quiet.  Wonderfully silent.

Within one minute of us laying our heads down (no embellishment), Selah whimpered.  She’s just making noise in her sleep, I told myself.

And then she cried.  And opened her eyes.

Two is louder than one.

I think I’m going to bed early tonight.


4 thoughts on “Two is Louder

  1. Amy, just wanted to encourage you that Macy will probably very soon get used to most of the baby crying. My older daughter, Charli, took a couple weeks to adjust to it (she would cry everytime her baby sister cried at first). Now Charli only gets upset if Claire is really wailing. I know how these first few days/weeks feel and I’m praying for all of y’all to adjust easily to your new normal. 🙂 and BTW I love reading your blog!

  2. Amy, That’s exactly what I meant when I told you, you weren’t a real Mother, until you had two. Hang in there! It will get better. Miss B

  3. I agree with everything you wrote. Nothing is like it was for the first child. All those quiet afternoon naps. All that attention immediately given when needed. I feel so bad for my #3.

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