Separate Bedrooms

Today I am thankful for separate bedrooms.

We’ve been living for the last month out of a hotel – a nice hotel, but a hotel nonetheless.  It does have two bedrooms, but since we are four adults and two kids it still feels relatively small.  Especially when the crying begins.

Last night was a pretty typical night.  Macy went down about 8:30.  Selah was up and down until about 9 when she ate and went down as well.  We all fell asleep about 10ish (except for Jeff who had a cup of coffee at 8 and stayed awake a little longer).  Selah woke up about 1 am to eat and went back to sleep without any problems.

And then at 4:30 in the morning, I heard Macy sobbing.  I jumped out of bed to see what was wrong (Jeff, Selah and I are in one room and my parents are in the other room with Macy) and Macy had woken up with a tummy ache and wanted to go to bed with Mommy.  Her crying, of course, woke up her sister and suddenly we had two criers, which at 4:30 am sounds like twice as many.

Jeff took Macy for a few minutes to get something to drink and calm down while I fed Selah.  He then put her in bed with him and quieted her down as best he could while I fed Selah. But when Selah was done eating, she started crying again (unusual for her), which  made Macy start back up again.  Jeff and I traded kids and I tried to calm Macy down while Jeff rocked Selah.  At this point, I thought to myself – how are we ever going to share a hotel room?  The more one girl cries, the more the other one does.

After a little while of this, my mom came in and offered to take Selah so that Macy could get some sleep.  We gave Selah to her (along with some extra diapers and wipes just in case) and told her to put Selah in Macy’s bed when she fell asleep and that we’d keep Macy in our bed.  So glad we asked for two baby beds before we came here.

Macy was still pretty worked up so it took her a while to calm down.  She finally got still and fell asleep about a half hour later.  My mom said in the morning that it took Selah a good thirty minutes as well before she went to sleep.

About 8 am, I heard Selah crying from the other room and jumped up to feed her.  Macy was sleeping peacefully in our bed and my hope was that she would stay that way.  Selah ate and then fell right back to sleep (good girl) and I laid her back in Macy’s bed.  As I walked back in our room, I was met by Macy – wide awake and ready to play.  Oh, Macy.  We put her back in our bed with some Legos, but that only worked for about 10 minutes.  She was ready for the day to begin.

Today I am thankful that when we go home, we’ll all have separate bedrooms.  It may be time to get another white noise machine.  🙂


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