A Birthday Party

When you live somewhere for a month and a half, you start to make friends.  We (especially Macy) have made friends with the ladies that work at our hotel.  She knows all of their names and they all know hers.  Every morning, she tells them “Sawatdee kah” (hello in Thai) and before we leave, she says, “Khob khun Ka” (thank you).

Yesterday, one of our new friends had a birthday.  Jeff had taken Macy swimming and on their way back in they just so happened to crash her birthday party.

When they came back into our room, Macy shouted, “Mommy!  Chocolate!”

One of her coworkers had brought in Krispy Kreme donuts to celebrate.  They gave Macy the most chocolately-ist one.  And it had sprinkles.


She even shared a little bite with her mommy.



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