With our bags in hand, we said goodbye to all the hotel staff that had begun (strangely) to feel a little bit like family.  It was time to go…home!

The car ride from the hotel to the airport reminded me of the exact same car ride we did with Macy as a newborn – but on her car ride, she had a dirty diaper within about 5 minutes and we spent the remainder of the ride changing her diaper, her clothes, her blanket. Whew.  Selah waited until we had cleared security.

We actually made it through the checking in process faster than I thought. There were two ladies checking us in and I heard one ask the other – isn’t their luggage over? – and the other one say – don’t worry about it.  Bless her.  We were WAY over and it’s only by God’s grace that they didn’t charge us extra.

Selah was a trooper on the airplane and slept most of the time.  Macy did pretty well herself – with the help of Dora, Mickey, and some snacks.  It took the poor girl at immigration a few minutes to get us all checked through.  I don’t blame her; it’s a little confusing when both kids have passport photos from their second day of life (“Which baby is this?!”).  And then our wonderful friends had arranged to come pick us up in a wonderfully large van.  Plenty of room for stuff and all of us.

When we walked into our house after 6 weeks, all I could think was COLD.  Cold, cold, cold.  I know, I know – we live in the south and it doesn’t get THAT cold here, but when you don’t have central heat and your walls are made of cement it is COLD.  And wet.  I missed Bangkok instantly.

We checked around our house and it seemed that everything was in normal condition.  Until we got to the bathrooms.  Both of them seemed to be leaking, but we weren’t sure from where.  I couldn’t think about it at that moment, so we went off in search of food and warmth.  We ate at a Japanese place downstairs and then headed back up to begin the daunting task of unpacking.  Macy was dealing with so many emotions – excitement to see her books and toys again, exhaustion because she hadn’t taken a nap, and frustration because I made her keep her socks on.  That girl loves her sandals and sundresses.

I felt jet lagged.  And it was only a 2 hour flight.  I blame the cold.

We got one space heater heating up Macy’s room and put the other one in our room.  Macy’s room heated up just fine, but ours seemed to be a little slow.  After some unpacking and doing some of Macy’s bedtime routine, we all crashed.

Except Selah.

We had put her in the pack and play and bundled her up, but my little baby girl was cold.  And she’d never felt cold in her life.  The space heater in our room just wasn’t doing the trick. After a few attempts to get her to sleep in her own bed, I was so tired I put her next to me.  Nothing like body heat to keep a baby warm.

On tomorrow’s agenda:

Buy space heater.

Call plumber to get leaks fixed.

Buy food.

Buy newborn diapers.

Get more sleep.

And now our real lives begin…



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