A Queen for Four

Selah is not a morning person.

To be honest, neither am I.

I’m hoping you won’t ask her – but my mom has these terrible stories about me during my adolescence about how mean I was to her in the morning.  I’m sorry, Mom.  I’m sure she was hoping I’d outgrown that in my adulthood.

I tried.  And was not entirely successful.

In college, I didn’t sign up for classes (until after Jeff and I got married) that started before 10 am.  This was a good thing for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, motherhood doesn’t wait until 10 in the morning.

On a good morning, I’m able to beat Macy out of bed, shower and get ready for the day (at least semi-ready) before she wakes up.  This helps me to be a better morning person.  Now that we’ve had a Selah join us, it’s been harder and harder to get out of bed since I’m waking up 2-4 times in the middle of the night (and often not going to bed until 11ish).  When 6:30 am rolls around (the time I used to get up), I am not motivated to get up with it.

This feeling is multiplied, of course, when not only Selah, but Macy can’t sleep at night.  Last night, Macy woke up twice.  The first time I was able to get her back down within a few minutes.  The second time I was feeding Selah so Jeff went in there and she told him she wanted to come sleep in our bed.  She was upset about something – I think she’d had a bad dream.

And the four of us were back in a room again.

That was about 3:30 am or so.  After a little while, Macy fell back asleep in between us and Selah went back to bed in the pack and play.  But about 7, Selah was hungry again.  While I fed her and changed her diaper, I kept watching Macy – “please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up”.  I knew she needed the extra sleep.

About 7:30, I could tell Selah was ready to go back to sleep but needed to cry a little before.  I kept thinking – oh, please don’t wake up, Macy.  So I did what seemed like a good idea at the time (in my sleep deprived mind) – pushed Macy gently over toward Jeff (sorry, honey), scooted in closer to her, and put Selah in bed next to me.  Selah whimpered and then fell back asleep.

And that, my friends, is how you get a two year old and a newborn to sleep until 8:30.

Who knew a queen size bed could fit a whole family?

I wonder if Jeff got any sleep.


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