Down for the Count

Here’s my little sleeping beauty.  It’s hard not to love babies when they are sleeping.  It’s the awake part that’ll get you.

Selah, as I’ve mentioned before, is not a morning person.  She has, however, decided to be a night owl.  Which is ok – until it’s 3 in the morning and she still hasn’t really gone to sleep.

I’ll back up.

Last night, Macy went to bed about 8:30.*  Selah was still awake, but this isn’t unusual.  I had already fed her earlier and had just put her in bed to cry it out a little, hoping she’d go down within a half hour or so.

Or not.

Jeff got home about 9:30.  She was still wailing.  I’d been in several times to check on her and this had quieted her down some, but not enough to really sleep.

Now, I’ve read enough parenting books (at least I did with Macy) to know that it’s common for babies to get their days and nights mixed up.  And the way to fix that is to provide plenty of awake time during the day so that your child is tired enough to sleep at night.

With Macy around, it’s hard NOT to get some awake time.

Despite her late starts, Selah does have some good happy awake time – playing with me, letting Macy practically lay on her on the playmat, and swinging.  And usually once dinner time rolls around, she’s had lots of awake time, is getting fussy, and will cat nap a little.  But once 8 or 9 rolls around, she is awake.  Go figure.

So back to my night – it’s 10:30ish and Selah is still crying.  Whew.  I realize what time it is and feed her, hoping that this will calm her down enough.  About 11, we all got in bed together – Jeff, me, and of course, Selah.  Her eyes were wide open.  She was just kind of looking at Jeff like “hey Daddy, how are you doing today?  I had a good day.  I played with Macy.  And Mommy.  I got to read books and go outside.  I love you Daddy.”

She finally conked out at some point, but managed to wake up about every 30 minutes to an hour until about 2 am.  She just couldn’t get settled.  It wasn’t until she woke up at 5:30 that I’d realized I’d gotten more than an hour of sleep in a row.

Macy slept until 8:30.  It was a miracle.

Oh, the joy of newborns.

*Random sidenote – I’m starting to remember how long it was before Macy slept through the night consistently.

We got a long way to go.


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