The Unconventional Valentine

Last year on Valentine’s Day we were in the US.  So we kept it pretty conventional – letting my parents babysit Macy while we went out to dinner and a movie.  To be honest, I can remember where we ate (I think), but I can’t even remember the movie.  All I remember is thinking – oh, this is what it feels like to be out without an 18 month old.  Wow.

This year was nothing like that.

To begin with, a good national friend of Jeff’s had invited him to help harvest some sugar cane out in his fields.  He asked me on Monday if it was okay if he went out the next day to spend some time with this guy and of course, I said yes.

Neither of us realized Monday was the 13th. Oops.

Jeff did not let this completely derail him from the Valentine spirit – he managed to make French toast in the morning (before leaving at 8) and had bought me some roses.

By the time he got home, it was time to talk about dinner.   I had kind of wanted to just go out – the idea of cooking (well, Jeff cooking) and cleaning up made me tired.  But when we called the most Western restaurant in our city (which isn’t saying much), they told Jeff they didn’t have any seats for the rest of the night.

Option 1 – Go out and eat Asian.

Option 2 – Go out and eat at another not-so-good Western restaurant.

Option 3 – Go out and eat McDonalds. Or KFC.

Option 4 – Cook.

Jeff voted to cook.  I agreed.  He decided to make chicken parmesan (one of my personal favorites).  It was a late dinner, but a good one.

We wanted to do something fun for our evening activity (it was already 7, but Macy had taken a long nap) and went out to get some ice cream.  On our way, we though we’d stop in to buy an air-conditioner.  It’s been on our to-do list for a while and we needed to get it done before we leave for Thailand and Jeff’s parents come (the a/c unit is for the room they’ll be staying in and it’s possible by March we’ll need it).

We forgot one thing – in this country, you don’t just “stop by” and buy an a/c.

We already knew which unit we wanted as Jeff had done some researching on a previous trip.  While Jeff talked to the sales guy, Macy ran around with a pink balloon that was part of their Valentines decorations.

Everything was good.

Until it wasn’t.

Selah woke up and started to cry.  Softly at first and then louder.

I looked at my watch.  She was hungry.

I walked over to a little bench and moved it strategically so that I could feed her without giving everyone a show.  Then Macy came up to me.  She had gone to the bathroom.

Jeff was still talking to the sales guy trying to help him speedily fill out the necessary paperwork.

“Macy, stand close to Mommy.  Daddy will come over and change you in just a second.”

Telling Macy to stand close to Mommy is like telling a monkey to stay on the ground and not in the trees.  It’s nearly impossible.  After a few minutes, Jeff finished and came over.

“Hey, hon.”


“Macy went to the bathroom.”


He grabs her, a Pull-Up I keep in the diaper bag just in case and some wipes.

Happy Valentines Day.

The sales guy comes back and tells me we can go downstairs and pay our money now.

I’m feeding Selah and Jeff is changing Macy.

I tell him we’ll be just a minute.

When it rains, it pours.

We did go get our ice cream.  And by then, it was way past everyone’s bedtime so we came home and did a quick bedtime routine.

Here’s to an unconventional Valentines.

Next year, I hope there’s at least some chocolate involved.  🙂


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