The Unexpected Valentine

I figured after I posted The Unconventional Valentine, it was only fair to post this as an addendum.

After getting Macy in bed and Selah semi-calm, I came out to the living room to find this…

Jeff had set up the living room with all the candles we own (and yes, they are on paper cups) and found these random picture frames I did when we got married (they haven’t made it up in our house yet) to put up by the television.  This picture does not do it justice – it was a lot of candles.

He’d gone across the street and picked up some milk tea along with tons of chocolate (he knows me well) – and then set it all up on Macy’s play table with two other pictures (that also haven’t made it up in our house) with the roses he bought me yesterday.

Except for the portions of the evening where Selah was crying, it was just perfect.  We sat out there in our dark, candle lit living room with milk tea and chocolate and watched American TV.  A girl (especially one with two small kiddos) couldn’t ask for more.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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