Another typical day at the George household.

Macy enjoys some Sesame Street podcasts (hard to argue with free and only 3 minutes in length)

Selah lounged on the Boppy

And Jeff installed an air-conditioner.

Wait a second.

Well, I guess it’s typical in this family.  He did just install one at his parent’s house.

The a/c guys made it here about 11 or so.  If I would have known better (and you think I would by now), I would have had them come at 8.  What I feel like will be a 2-3 hour process often turns into a 5-6 hour process.

When they walked into the room, the first thing the guy said to me was, “Oh, we can’t install an air-conditioner in this room.  There’s nowhere to put the hole because of (some pipe thing I didn’t understand).”

And the first thing I said to him was, “Oh, that’s bad.”

And then I went and got Jeff.

Jeff was able to find a place where the hole could go (it reminded me of the time the movers “couldn’t” fit the stuff in just one truck and Jeff went out there and rearranged everything) and thus began the drilling.  The buildings here are all made of concrete so if you want anything to go in the wall, you better bring your drill.  And your earplugs.  They have to make a pretty good sized hole, so that portion of our afternoon took a couple of hours.

Macy went back outside to play with Ayi.  She is not a huge fan of loud noises.

Selah slept.  Because she’s a newborn.

At one point, I went into the room to check on the progress and found Jeff standing on the ladder with the drill.  I asked him if we got a discount.

And after a lot of work (and a lot of drilling), the hole was made and the a/c was installed.  It’s not pretty, but at least it’s up.

Now about that discount…


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