I really had two goals for this vacation.

1. A beach for Macy to play on.

2. Starbucks.

Ok, ok that’s not entirely true, but it is a little true.  🙂  I wanted to combine the wonderful-ness of Western food with the wonderful-ness of the Thai beaches.  Enter Phuket.

I did accomplish both of my goals with Phuket – there are PLENTY of Western dining options plus Starbucks, Dairy Queen, etc. and a beautiful beach to go with it.  It’s not the most family friendly place in the whole world, but we liked it just fine (let’s just say that some people have different ideas of what constitutes a bathing suit).

I expected Macy to just go running onto the beach our first morning there (especially considering our trip in October), but at first she was a little hesitant of it all. The sand on her feet bothered her (strangely enough) and she was scared of the water.  Fortunately, it took all of about five minutes to get over both of these and with Cook Cook’s help – she was playing in no time.

Selah found the beach to be pretty relaxing as well.

Girls post-beach and shower

There was this amazing mall that we found the first night…and kept coming back to it every night thereafter for dinner and dessert.  One night, my lovely in-laws even babysat (both girls!) so that Jeff and I could enjoy a movie with Ryan and Joy.

They look pretty good with a little girl in their arms, don’t they?  (Joy’s due April 30 with their first)

And if you’re wondering – yes that is another bruise on Macy girl’s face.  She fell off a rocking horse the week before (onto a tile floor) and the bruise is still there.  Looks like the tile floor won this one.

The morning that we left Jeanette took Macy for a little walk on the beach.  Bless her.  Jeff and I were able to get all of our packing done in record time.  With 30 minutes to spare, we actually sat down, looked at each other, and said, “Wow, we are really efficient without a two-year-old running around.”

And one more quick family photo before we left.

Bye, bye beach!  Hope to find you again soon.


2 thoughts on “Vacay

  1. we’re planning to do the beach next year… it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to other people’s experiences. hoping for a lot of sun and sand fun! thanks for posting your experience as it really is boosting my courage! 😉
    gotta say, love seeing macy grow up & selah is so, so cute! LOVE the family photo!
    ahhhhh. 🙂

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