The Small Things

I like to have goals.  Sometimes small ones, but goals all the same.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had a small goal in the back of my mind.

Get some pictures of my second child up in my house.  She is three months old, after all.

So on her three month “birthday”, I strapped her on and put Macy in the stroller and the three of us walked the two blocks to the photo place.  [Random side note – during this walk I really felt like I had made it into Motherhood.  Nothing says Mommy like having one kid strapped to you while you push the other.  Unless, I guess, if I had another kid walking beside the stroller.]

And today, April 1, I put up some beautiful pictures of my sweet baby girl.

Here’s the proof –

Fridge pride

It’s looking a little more even up there.

Let’s hear it for the small goals getting done.  Mom-style.


2 thoughts on “The Small Things

  1. Way to go! I’m right there with you, Jack strapped to the front of me and Asher hanging out in the stroller. And the idea of having another one following along just freaks me out! Give Racy and Stella kisses from their favorite Bangkok boys!

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