My girls are very loved.  I know this because of how many clothes they have.

As much as I love each and every person that has given us all these clothes, it is difficult for me to keep them all forever.  In America, you all have things called closets.  On the east side, we do not.  We have “wardrobes” and small ones at that, and they just do not provide the storage room that we have in the US.  Maybe this is a good thing.  It’s easier to purge when you just simply CANNOT keep everything, because you don’t have the room for it.  Unless perhaps you stacked the clothes up in your living room and used them as end tables.

When Macy was younger, I kept everything.  I knew we wanted to have another child, and I figured we had a 50/50 chance at having another girl.  This, of course, has been a good thing because Selah has worn most of Macy’s newborn things and is now starting to wear her 3 month outfits.  But in the next few months it won’t work out anymore, because when Macy was 6 months old it was freezing outside and when Selah is 6 months old, we’ll be in the throes of summer.  I guess I should have planned that better.

So I spent a little time going through the giant space bag that is Macy’s 3 to 12 month clothes.  We do love our space bags, especially since we are plagued by mold here.  And so the stacking began.  Stacks for too small clothes, put away and wear later clothes, and wrong season clothes.  Lots of stacks.

I am cursed by having too good of a memory when it comes to random information – like who gave Macy which outfit and such.  I have trouble giving Macy’s clothes away if I really liked the outfit or if I really like the person who gave it to her.  I have to remind myself that just because I give an outfit away doesn’t mean that I don’t love the person who gave it to her or that I didn’t appreciate the gift.  It’s just that now my child has outgrown it and it is time to bless someone else with it.

And there are a lot of people where we live who could use a little blessing.

Five plastic bags later, I felt like I had finally made a dent. I actually felt a little lighter and was happy to know that a little girl in our neighborhood would get a chance to wear these clothes.

So thanks to all of you who have given Macy (or Selah) clothes over the last couple of years.  Your gift has become the gift that keeps on giving.

Time to tackle the 1-2 year old clothes space bag.

Maybe tomorrow.



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