Birds of a Different Feather

We have two different birds living in our house.  The early bird and the night owl.

Oh goodness.

Macy can stay up late, but actually functions better with a regular early-ish bedtime.  When she gets enough sleep, she is a HAPPY girl.  When she doesn’t, she is NOT a happy girl.  So 9 out of 10 mornings, she wakes up singing, “Mmmmooooommmmmyyyyy!!”  She loves the morning and is excited to start back up where she left off the night before – reading books, doing puzzles, playing blocks.

Selah likes to sleep until 10.  Seriously.

This is fantastic, of course, until it’s 10 pm and I’m ready to go to sleep and she’s cooing and giggling.

And since Macy’s in bed by 8:30 at the latest and usually up by 7, this can make for a tired mommy.

So most mornings, I wake Selah up when Macy gets up and try to keep her awake for as long as possible.  If we make it a full hour, this is a good day.  There are some days Selah is so cranky in the morning that I just put her back in her bed.

Maybe one day my little birds will get on the same page.


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