Where’s the Bunny?

A bunny that lays eggs is a very strange concept.

And yet we teach it to our children.  Hmm.

My parents sent a package for the girls and it made it just in time for Easter.  It was literally Easter-in-a-box – including the ever-favorite egg dying kit.

Time for a party.

Selah dressed up for the festivities

This is my first time to dye Easter eggs since I was a child.  These kits are awesome!  Macy was enthralled.

We quickly figured out that this would be an activity better enjoyed without our brand new Easter shirt actually on.  For those of you who know me and know Macy, you can understand.

Decorated eggs.

As we decorated eggs, we got Macy’s children’s Bible out to tell her the story of Jesus and him risen.  She’s heard the story before, but she listened intently as we talked about Jesus dying on the cross.  Her little face got all crumpled up as she looked at the pictures.

And then I said, “But guess what, Macy?  On the third day Jesus rose up!  He was alive!”

And her whole face changed into a broad smile and she said, “Good job, Jesus!”

Yes.  Good job, Jesus.

I love Easter.

Then it was time to hunt for our newly decorated eggs.  Jeff and our friends went outside first to be the “bunnies” and Macy, Selah and I waited inside.

Getting excited.

We told Macy that the Easter bunny would be hiding her eggs and it was her job to find them all.  So the whole way to the garden area where Jeff and our friends were hiding eggs, she kept asking me, “Where’s the bunny?  Where’s the bunny, Mommy?”  I think at first she was more excited about seeing a bunny than she was about hunting some colored eggs.

Time to go!

I love this picture because it so symbolizes Macy.  Always, always running.

Yes, my child is hunting eggs with a David’s bag.  Shout out to R&J and James and Matt.

There’s one!

It actually was a chilly morning (hard to believe considering where we live) and so I chose to dress Macy appropriately rather than in one of her new dresses.  I was a little sad to do it, but fortunately my mom had sent a brand new Easter t-shirt.  Thanks Mama and Papa!

Back home after the hunt.  Love my girls.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!


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