Butterflies, Tigers and…Wigs?

Today we took Selah in for her 100-day photos.  She was actually around 115 days.  Whoops.

One hundred days is a pretty big deal around here.  Many people have dinners to celebrate their child’s 100th day with their friends and family.

And others take professional pictures.

We (mostly Jeff) decided to do the 100 day photo shoot with Macy.  I was leery…the idea of spending all day in a photo studio with my non-complacent 3 month old was not so appealing, but the pictures did turn out pretty well.  When we went with Macy, the staff was overwhelmingly patient (the opposite of what I’ve found in the US) and during Macy’s two feeding sessions and naps they just kind of sat off to the side, read the newspaper and let Macy do her thing.

Five hours later, we walked away very tired, but glad we had done it.

Here’s the highlight reel…

And now for the Asian set…


I’ve only had one experience with professional pictures in the US.  I had all this excitement about taking a “real” family picture of the three of us while we were in Houston that one of the first things I did was schedule a session at a large department store (which shall remain nameless).  We got there a few minutes early; they, of course, were running 30 minutes late.  I probably fixed Macy’s hair three times while we waited in hopes that we would get called in.  When we finally got in the room, the photographer was a guy who was younger than me and didn’t really know what he was doing.  He didn’t tell how to pose or where to stand, so after we kind of posed ourselves he just started taking pictures.  But Macy wasn’t smiling.  By the time she started smiling, his camera had “filled up” (apparently they have some kind of limit) so he had to delete pictures before he could take more and missed the two smiles she gave.

Not quite the experience I had dreamed of.  Needless to say, we did not buy many pictures.

On the east side, I’ve had quite the opposite experience.  We arrived a little early to take Selah’s photos, but they were ready for us.  We had our own photographer and an assistant – the girl in charge of making Selah smile, helping change her clothes, and setting the stage for each outfit.  When Selah got fussy, we took a break.  When Selah got hungry, we took a break.  And when Selah got sleepy, we took a longer break for her to take a nap.  No one complained.

I personally enjoyed watching the other couple of babies that were there to take their pictures.  The locals here view this as an opportunity to play dress-up with their kids – and dress-up they do!  I watched one baby girl get dressed up as a butterfly, complete with wings and antennae.  Another little boy was dressed as a tiger with a little hat and outfit. (I so wanted to take a picture, but figured that would probably be frowned upon). Photo studios like these have clothes for all ages (I even saw a McDonald’s outfit for a six or seven-year old)  – and most adults will even wear the studio’s clothes rather than bring their own.  It’s pretty cute on the babies, but I wasn’t sure I wanted Selah’s first professional photos to be of her in animal costumes.  To the disappointment of the photo studio, we brought our own outfits.  They did give us one extra outfit so that we could put Selah in the little Asian ensemble like her sister wore.  At one point, the assistant gently asked me if I wanted Selah to wear a wig.  I thought long and hard about it – and decided probably not.  🙂

The other good thing about taking pictures here is that you buy a package – meaning you get to change your child’s clothes three times (a joy with an infant, but makes for good pictures) and you go home with more than just a couple of shots.  The package often includes up to 15-20 pictures on a CD that are yours for the keeping, a photo book of sorts with your favorite shots, and a couple of framed pictures.  We just so happened to stumble in to a special where once we paid for Selah’s 100 day shots, we were given another free package.  This means we can bring both girls back within the next 2 years, take three different sets of pictures, and get the same package again – the CD, the book, and the framed pictures.  Not bad.

I’m thinking about waiting until Macy can sit still long enough to have her picture taken.  However, that might not be within the next 2 years.  Guess we’ll bring treats.

Happy 100 days Selah!


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