We went back to the photo studio today for the ever-important choice…which photos would make the cut for our 100-day Selah celebration?

I think we started off with around 90 shots and the goal was to get down to 18.

We made it down to 45 no problem.  Some of the shots were of Selah crying or looking away.  My favorite included one where she had her entire fist in her mouth.  Nice going, baby girl.

And then the real cutting began.  We had to try to keep it balanced – not too many in one outfit or too many poses that looked the same.

After we made all of our decisions, they told us we needed to wait a month in order to get everything.  We asked if they could give us the CD earlier than that and after asking the powers that be, they agreed.

So in about a week, I’ll be posting the Selah favorites.

Get excited.  🙂


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