Pao Bu

I took this class in college called Art or Trash?.  (I’m an English major – our professors like to use interesting names for their classes). Unfortunately, a lot of what we read in that class I would personally consider trash, not art.

This saying – art or trash? – kind of stuck in my mind and when I see something random, I’ll often think – hmm?  Art? Or trash?

So recently when our apartment complex decided to put up a giant statue of three men running – in the buff – I looked at it awkwardly and thought – art? Or trash?

I didn’t think much more about it until one afternoon when I was taking Macy somewhere and we walked past it.  She ran toward it and said, “PAO BU!  Pao bu!”  (run)

And then she posed like she was running.

It was hilarious.

This is not the best shot of her imitating the runners, but it’s still pretty funny.

Well, I know my Macy girl is definitely Art.

But I’m not too sure about those runners.

Maybe if they were wearing shorts?


2 thoughts on “Pao Bu

  1. Thank you so much for your blog entries. We enjoy them immensely. It is the first place we go when we log on in the mornings.

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