When Macy was little, our wonderful cousin Marjy gave her a new friend to play with.  With his colorful body, chewable ears, and squeaky feet, he quickly became a fast favorite.

Jeff christened him “Louie”.

Louie rode on quite a few airplanes with us.  He had the right amount of crinkle and softness to snuggle up with, plus the kind enough face that you’d want to have a conversation with.

And talk we did.

Here’s Macy girl.

And Selah.  Happy 4 month birthday today.

Louie is the perfect pal for a four-month-old.  He constantly smiles and never gets tired of being drooled on.  Thank you Rosenthals for sending him!  🙂


One thought on “Louie

  1. Amy,

    This is Shawn here – we’re still alive believe it or not. We have wanted to update you on our adventure in HK but as we don’t have our computer we don’t have a good email address for you and nothing on the webmail from the last couple months. Can you send us a quick note there so we have the right address to respond to?

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