A Mother’s Day Miracle

When I was around four years old, I got lost in a store.  I can clearly remember the incident – I was “hiding” from my dad and grandfather while they shopped for mini-blinds (I think?) and playing around when I realized that I couldn’t see them anymore.  I was pretty scared and made my way to the front of the store to ask an employee for help.  They made a quick announcement over the loud speaker and my dad came to get me.

I’m afraid that Macy has made her first similar memory.

We had some friends in town visiting on Mother’s Day and the other mom and I had gone outside with the kiddos to play.  Macy was having a blast having her friends in town and I was having a difficult time tearing her away from the playground.  But after a little while, it was time to go in and eat dinner, so we made our way into the building and on to the elevator.

When we made it to the third floor, Macy darted off the elevator, but the rest of us didn’t make it off quite as fast.  The doors to the elevator started to close and my friend reached out to hit the door open button.  As she pushed it, the doors didn’t stay open, but continued to close.  And my baby girl was stuck on the third floor, while we were headed back downstairs on the elevator.

Needless to say, she wailed.  It was the most frightened I’ve ever heard her.  And one of the most frightening moments for me as well.

The elevator took us back down to the first floor and I thought I could take the stairs faster than the elevator could go, so I jumped out and yelled to my friend to stay on the elevator.  I figured it was best for us to divide up just in case Macy decided to move.

I prayed quickly that Macy would stay put.

In the end, she made it there first and I made it to the third floor to find a still upset Macy, but comforted to be surrounded by our friends.  She ran to me and my friend took Selah so that I could hold her.

“You left me, Mommy.  You left me.”

When Jeff came home, we started to share the story with him until I realized us even talking about it was making Macy upset.  So we talked about something else until she went to bed.  And when I turned the lights out to pray for her, she whispered, “Mommy.  The elevator’s doors closed.  The door closed.”

“They did close, baby girl.  But God watched over you and protected you.  And you did the right thing – you stayed right where you were and waited for Mommy to come get you.”

“God protected me.”  Just saying this out loud quieted her spirit and she was able to fall asleep within minutes.

So on this Mother’s Day, I thank God that He is the one who protects his children.  Because no matter how good a mother I am, I’ll never be able to be there for Macy every time she needs me.  Thank you Father that you are.


One thought on “A Mother’s Day Miracle

  1. So glad she’s ok! One of the joys of living in high rises…same thing happened to Finley, Dillon, Adaya, Elliot, and Elijah while we were having a meeting. Only difference was they were in the elevator while Steven and Amanda were frantic downstairs. Low and behold they managed to hit the 10th floor button and came back to the meeting by themselves. It took us a bit to figure out where the adults were 😉 So thankful our Father is always with our kiddos even when we’re not!

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