Jet Lag…We Meet Again

The night before we left to go back to the States, I actually found myself a little nervous.  Which is strange, considering all the travel that we do…it’s just another couple of airplane rides, right?  But I knew that traveling with two little kids would be a bit different than traveling with one.

It was and it wasn’t.

The hardest part of flying long distances, of course, is keeping Macy entertained.  I’m sure it’s difficult for any almost 3-year-old to stay in his or her own seat for 12 hours on an airplane (it’s difficult for most adults), but my Macy girl seems to have a little extra energy than some.  So the best thing that we did was to choose a flight that just-so-happened to leave at 9 pm.  Genius.

I’ve never flown out of the Shanghai airport (Pu Dong), but I was super impressed by their kid’s play area – not only did they have a nice playground right next to our gate, there was an entire reading/play kitchen/coloring area that Macy got to play in free of charge.  Wow.  Do they have these in the US?

The play kitchen even had pink dishes.  I thought Macy might stash a few spoons in her pocket to take on the road.

Most of the toys came from Ikea, but there were these giant Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals.  We LOVED these.

Selah and Daddy also enjoyed the play area.  Well, the couches at least.

When we got on our plane, it just-so-happened that we ended up having five seats all to ourselves instead of our allotted three.  This allowed Macy to be able to lay down in two seats, which helped keep her asleep.  Thank you God for giving us all of these traveling mercies.

Night, night girlies.

Once we landed in LA, we immediately were able to find my parents and go get our rental car…ahem…Suburban.  We learned quickly that Selah has a definite opinion on car seats.  She wailed most of the ride to our hotel and then promptly fell asleep.  Poor baby.

We tried to stay up “late” – til about 10 or so – unpacking and getting things organized for the next day.  I had hoped that staying up that late would help us to elude our good friend, but he managed to find us anyway.   At 1:30 AM, Macy was up and ready to go.

Hello, jet lag.

The four of us got dressed and headed out of the hotel in search of some 24 hour food.  We found donuts.

I’m sure the owners thought we were crazy.

But Macy was pretty happy eating her pink chocolatey donut.

Yes, those are her new jammies.  Good thing they coordinate with that donut.

Here’s hoping we can make it until 4 or 5 am tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Jet Lag…We Meet Again

  1. Glad to hear of the blessings you encountered on the way over. Next time I am in a donut shop at 1 am and see a family with a young kiddo, I may chalk it up to jet lag!
    I have see/used a play area in the Humphrey terminal in MN. It was more of a playground- slides and climbing equipment.

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