My best friend, Kasie, got married today.


Kasie and I became best friends in 8th grade – about 14 years ago.  We couldn’t be more opposite and yet, we instantly clicked.  I colored inside the lines and Kasie was a free spirit.  I wrote and Kasie painted.  I tried to fit in and Kasie tried to stand out.  We were a match made in heaven.

First pic together.  8th grade science…gotta love that giant periodic table.

Junior year of high school Gold Duster (drill team) formal.

In 2004, Jeff and I get engaged and married.  Kasie was there for every step of the process as my wonderful maid-of-honor.

Hair straightening for engagement photos

Making me picture perfect for bridal shots.  She did my make-up for the wedding too.  Love her.

Giving her maid-of-honor speech.

So now it was my turn to love on her.  I wished so much that I could have been there for every event leading up to her big day, but was so happy to be there to see it happen.

Giving my speech

Most beautiful bride ever.

Congratulations to my bff and her JB.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

Oh and p.s. Macy says thanks for the lollipop.



3 thoughts on “BFF

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love all these pictures. So glad you could be there for the wedding. Enjoy your time in the States! Miss you!

  2. Beautiful setting and pictures. Thanks for sharing the story and all of the pictures. Most beautiful matron-of-honor ever.

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