An Interview

What’s your name?

Macy Kailyn George

What’s daddy’s name?

Jeffrey Lynn George

What’s mommy’s name?

Amy Lynn George

What’s your sister’s name?

Selah belah

What do you like to play?

Um…can you hand me that piece, Mommy?  (doing a puzzle)

Who are your cousins?

Grace, Avery, Haley, Braeden…and Haley.  And Cook Cook.  And Buddy too.

Where do we live?

(points to the left)

What’s your favorite animal?

Um…kitty cat.

How old is Selah?

I don’t know.

How old are you?

I’m Macy Kailyn George.  (thinks)  I’m three, three, Mommy (holds up three fingers).  I’m almost two again.  (smiles)

Can you help me finish the puzzle, Mommy?

Of course, baby girl.


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