While we are in the US, we NEVER have enough time to see everyone that we want to see or spend enough time with the people we do get to see.  I’m always grateful for those who are willing to come all the way to Houston just to spend time with us – like my wonderful friend, Meagan.

Meagan and I have been friends for a long time – 11 years?! – and she’s one of my favorite people in the world.  I love this pic of her and Selah girl especially because they look so cute and because Selah is wearing the onesie that Meagan made for her and mailed all the way to us.

Thank you Tim and Meagan for making the long drive down to Houston with your baby boy in tow.  I know traveling with a one-year-old is no easy feat.  We loved getting to see you and spending time with you.  The next time can’t come soon enough…

Love you.


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