Many of my more genius mom-ideas are ideas that I have borrowed from the plethora of moms that came before me – especially those who also are Westerners living overseas.  I figure – why reinvent the wheel?

I’m sure many kiddos bond with some type of “sleep item” while they are young – a blanket, a pillow, a stuffed animal.  But I saw firsthand with my cousin-in-law’s (for lack of a better term) daughter, Grace, how important this could be.  Grace had a lamby and boy, did that lamby go everywhere.  Buses, trains, planes and around the world.  Eventually, Brigitte ended up buying a second lamby, but Grace always knew there were two – gray lamby (the original, I believe) and white lamby (the one who was a bit cleaner).  🙂

From Brigitte I learned two things – 1. Get your child something that she can bring on all of these trips we overseas folks seem to do.  2.  Buy two of them.

Thank you, Brigitte.

Macy doesn’t know it, but she herself has two “babies”.  I try to rotate them every so often so that she will take them both.

When we went back to the US the Christmas before Macy was born, Jeff and I wandered around Babies ‘R Us taking it all in.  The only thing we bought was this giraffe – we just loved his sweet smile and huggable neck.  When Macy got to about 6-7 months old, she started sleeping with him.

So when I found out I was pregnant with Selah, it was time to find another baby.  I looked and looked at places like Target and Babies ‘R Us, but couldn’t find the right animal.  We ended up buying a hippo, who is pretty cute, but I didn’t love him.

This last trip to the US while looking for something else online, I stumbled upon this guy.

This little horse had the same face as Macy’s baby!

I was sold.  And ordered two that arrived just before we left Houston.

Selah has just started sleeping with him – she mostly likes to chew on his face.  Or his feet.  Whatever she can get in there.

So thankful for the small things.  Especially those that help us sleep better at night.

Night, night Selah.


One thought on “Baby

  1. what a blessing & joy it is to learn from those who have gone before us! such sweet smiles – baby & lovey!
    we, ourselves, went with ty pluffies – small & soft. Sterling’s never loooved his “pandar” but instead bonded with his blanket – which was never the intent. 😉 Liberty likes her “chang”… but loooves “pandar”. so of course, as life would have it they prefer each other’s lovie. even so, they happily sleep with their own. 🙂

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