Half a Year

My sweet little baby girl is already half a year old.

Selah’s schedule is not really much of a schedule at all.  Our lifestyle just doesn’t lend itself much to a predictable day. Fortunately, she’s a pretty laid back girl, so she doesn’t mind.

A “typical” Selah day looks something like this –

7:30 – Wake up.  Complete with smile.  She is often so happy in the mornings, she’ll start giggling just because.

8-10 – Play.  With Macy, with toys, in the swing.  Run errands with Mommy.

10ish – Nap.  Goes down so, so easy.  If I would have had her first, I would have thought I was super-mom.

11ish – Wakes up.  More playing.  Eat.

1:30 or whenever I can get Macy down too – Nap round two. A lot of times, her morning nap is not too long, so she’ll really sleep in the afternoon.  Sometimes even 2-3 hours.  What a champ.

3:30 – cranky – More playtime with Macy.  Go outside.  She sometimes gets cranky around dinner and depending on the afternoon nap, will catnap for 20 minutes in the early evening.

7:30 – 8:30 – Bath, jammies, lights out.  Night, night.  Most nights, Macy goes to bed first and then Selah gets to eat and falls asleep.  Some nights she sleeps through the night and some nights she wakes up around 3-4.  Overall, she’s a pretty good sleeper.

At six months, Selah likes:

Bathtime – this is a new one.  She used to be a little afraid of the whole bath experience, probably because she is in such a big tub.  But recently, she’s started smiling and laughing during bath time.  It probably helps that her sister is sometimes in there talking to her over the tub.

Going outside – if she does get fussy, the outside will always cure it.  I’m wondering if this is a universal truth for all babies.

Macy – oh, how we love our sister.  Everything she does is so interesting.  And bouncy.  Selah has to crane her neck just to see her sometimes, but it’s all worth it.  Sometimes she’ll just look at her and start giggling.

Mommy & Daddy – she lets anyone hold her, but she does know when we’ve got her.  She’s pretty content just sitting in our laps.

Things she can chew on – I’m pretty sure she’s going to get teeth soon because she is drooly and gnaws on everything.

Ayi – she’s already a pretty big fan of Ayi even though Macy demands most of her time.  Ayi can get her to laugh just by smiling and talking to her.

Rolling – her newest trick is to roll from her back to her tummy.  She mastered the tummy to back roll last month and since then has become quite the roly-poly.  No more leaving her on the couch or changing table.

These days, it’s hard to get a picture of Selah without Macy jumping in.  “Take our picture, Mommy!  Two little girls!”

happy six months Selah!


One thought on “Half a Year

  1. precious! love the sister-love. they’re both beautiful.
    it’s obvious they are such a blessing to you. you’re doing an amazing job, mom!

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