A Year and a Day

How do you measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets

In midnights, in cups of coffee

In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife

In five-hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes?

Ok, well probably not like that.

Our internet went out today.  This is not that strange of an occurrence.  Just the day before, we had lost electricity in our building (fortunately, not in our home) which had affected all of the lights, elevators, etc. and therefore we didn’t have internet for most of the afternoon/early evening.  Not a big deal.  Trust me, when it’s July, I’ll trade a/c for internet any day.

So when it went out again today, I didn’t think much about it – just closed the computer and figured I’d come back later.  A couple of hours passed and when Macy went down for her nap, I tried again.  Still not on.


Sometimes the problem is our router, so Jeff flipped it off and back on.  Still not working.

Since our complex had electricity, I thought maybe the problem was our internet provider.  This has also happened several times.

I decided to call and ask if they could have a technician come out.

After going through a few basic questions, he asked for my account number, address, and the name on the account.  After I told him, he politely responded with – Oh.  You need to go in and pay your bill.  Then your internet will be turned back on.


A little embarrassed, I said thank you and we hung up.

Apparently, we should measure our year by when the internet turns off.

It seems that our moving day was a little more than a year ago and we’d gone ahead and paid for our internet for a year (to the date).  Hard to believe.

In our daily routine – get up, get dressed, eat, play, eat, nap, play, read, play, eat, bath, brush teeth, bed – there are times that the days feel long.  But I know why people say that while the days may feel long, the years begin to feel oh, so short.

So thank you to our internet provider for reminding me to celebrate one year in this new house.  We’ll try to remember better next year when the bill comes due again.


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