The Second Time Around

Selah girl has become just about mobile.  For now, she either scoots herself around or rolls over and over until she gets to where she wants to go.  She’s not up on her knees yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

Time for the crawl ball.

The crawl ball is a wonderful toy that JB & Kasie gave Macy when she was about 7 months old – perfect timing.  It was definitely one of Macy’s favorite things to play with.  It sings, it rolls, it lights up – what more could you want?

Selah’s started playing with it recently and today I grabbed my camera and got a few solo Selah shots (big sister was in school).

Let’s compare with Macy girl at around the same age

Both girls tried eating the ball

And both look pretty cute posing next to it

Thanks Auntie Kasie and Uncle JB for encouraging both of my girls to crawl.  Hugs from the east side.


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