Birthday Hoopla

Birthdays were always a big deal in my family.  Present were bought, parties were thrown, and cake was eaten.  Yum, yum.

This one is dedicated to one of my favorite people, Kimberly, in honor of her birthday today.  From one Gilmore Girls fan to another.

RORY: Get back in bed! You are the birthday boy. You should not be working. You should be luxuriating, eating peeled grapes and being fanned with palm fronds.

LOGAN: Peeled grapes ha.

RORY: Mm-hmm.

LOGAN: Well, what if the birthday boy gets back in bed but is allowed to bring his laptop?

RORY: Deal.

LOGAN: So somebody’s pretty into this whole birthday thing.

RORY: Well if by “birthday thing,” you mean the celebration of the miracle of your birth, the anniversary of the day when this world went from being a world without Logan Huntzberger to a world with Logan Huntzberger, then, yes, I’m pretty into it.

LOGAN: You really love me, don’t you?

RORY: Well you’re okay.

LOGAN: I’m not used to all this hoopla. Birthdays aren’t a very big deal in the Huntzberger family.

RORY: Why not?

LOGAN: Because birthdays aren’t something you achieve. Why should you be lauded for something that just happens?

RORY: Well, didn’t you have birthday parties when you were a kid?

LOGAN: They were parties, sort of, but not with any kids I actually knew.

RORY: That sounds like a blast.

LOGAN: And I never had a regular birthday cake. I always wanted just a good old, plain yellow cake. You know with cake frosting but desserts were some fancy flambé thing with alcohol in them.

RORY: Well, those years of birthday neglect will become a faint memory after the Gilmore treatment.

LOGAN: Plenty of hoopla in a Gilmore birthday, huh?

RORY: Mm-hmm. Hoopla and then some. My mom always went all out.

LOGAN: These cinnamon rolls are good, by the way.

RORY: Good.

LOGAN: But what would be great with them is a nice bowl of peeled grapes.

RORY: Oh yeah.

LOGAN: Would you make peeled grapes?

RORY: If they come in a tube, I do.

Kimberly, I hope you have some yellow cake today.  Maybe some peeled grapes.  And a whole lot of hoopla.



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