Gimme That Spoon!

I’ve been dragging my feet on the whole feed-Selah-real-food thing.  For starters, nursing is just too convenient (especially with kid #2) and I know once you go forward with table food, life gets a little more complicated.  Add that in with a busy few weeks and I just figured it would be better to wait until life slowed down a bit before launching into “real” food.  Of course, life with two kiddos in another culture never quite slows down, so we just decided to take the plunge.

Selah was hoping for more chocolate ice cream 🙂 but I decided we’d try a little rice cereal and see how it went.

I’m feeling like dinner as a family of four will be a little bit livelier.  🙂


One thought on “Gimme That Spoon!

  1. Grabbing the spoon and bowl! She’s ready. I’m glad to hear you say that breast feeding kid #2 is easier, because I’m dreading it.

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