Daddy’s Girl

Last night was one of those nights when I really felt like a mother.

I didn’t go to bed until 11ish – mostly because Macy, for some reason or another, decided she was wide awake when I put her in bed at 8:45.  She alternated between crying/singing/talking/yelling until about 9:45 or so.  I went in there to check on her a couple of times and finally picked her up, brought her into the living room and got her something to drink.  I held her in my lap and let her watch 2 races (Jeff was watching track and field) and then the three of us got back up to “re-do” the bedtime routine of hugs and prayers.

At 10, she was quiet.

At this point, Selah woke up.  She was hungry.

After feeding Selah, I should have gone to bed right then.  But I wanted to take a quick shower and just have a minute of quiet.  I fell into bed around 11.

At 12, Selah was back up.  That was strange, but she went back to sleep pretty quickly.

At 4, Selah was back up.  This time, she didn’t want to go back to sleep.  I couldn’t tell what was wrong.  I fed her and put her back into her bed.

At 4:30, she had a dirty diaper.

I changed her.

As I was putting her back in bed, I heard something.

At 4:50, she had another dirty diaper.

I changed her.

I put her back in bed and got back into bed, breathing a sigh of relief.

I heard something.

At 5:10, she had another dirty diaper.


I changed her.

After snapping up her pj’s for the third time, I put her back in bed.

I didn’t hear anything.


I was back up at 7:30 so that I could get myself ready, fix breakfast, and get Macy ready for school.  While I did this, I heard Jeff get Selah out of bed and put her into our bed with him.  They snuggled and talked for a few minutes and I heard Jeff say, “Say da-da, Selah.  Can you say ‘da-da’?”

Very funny, I thought.  Of course she can’t say “da-da”.

And then I heard it clear as day.


And then – “Da-da, da-da, da-da.”

You have GOT to be kidding.

I’m the one who woke up with that girl four different times.  I’m the one who fed her.  I’m the one who changed her diaper three times.  I’m the one who got her to go back to sleep.

What a booger.

Good thing she’s cute.



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