Clothing Optional

I’ve often wondered why swimming pools here have such strict rules about the type of bathing suits you can wear in the pool.  The more expensive the pool, the more serious they are about the rules.  Swim caps are sometimes required (even for kids) and even small children must be in some type of swim suit.

These rules don’t bother me; I just always thought they were interesting.  Macy even got a kick out of wearing a swim cap.

We took a little trip to a smaller city today and ended up in the center of town where the kids were playing.  They had blown up a pretty big inflatable pool and there were several kids beating the heat.  I don’t blame them – temperatures in August usually hover in the mid-high 90s here.  Plus humidity.  The pool is the way to go.

There was one little girl, around 7 or so, and three little boys that looked to be about her age as well.  She was wearing her clothes to swim in the pool.  They, um, weren’t.

It’s not uncommon in our neck of the woods to see toddling boys and girls that are sans diapers.  Especially in the summertime when it is so hot.  But these little boys and girls are typically around 2 or 3.  Not so strange.

Macy, of course, didn’t notice anything.  And no one else seemed bothered by it.

I did, however, get why some of the rules at swimming pools are so strict.

After playing some other little games, Macy really wanted to go in the pool.  It was pretty hot, after all.

At first, Macy was like – Really?  I get to swim in my clothes?!

It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it.  She loved riding the boats.

Selah had a pretty good time herself.  One of the ladies that we met there wanted her to get to ride the train and paid for it.

We shared the ride with another little girl – just a few weeks younger than Selah.

I guess next time we travel, I’ll throw in Macy’s bathing suit.  You just never know when that urge to swim will hit you.

Maybe I should pack a couple of extra suits just in case.



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