Sickness and Gratitude

Being a parent often comes with a nice dose of feeling helpless.  When your child falls down, feels sick, doesn’t fit in, gets their feelings hurt – a parent would give their right arm to make it all better, but we don’t always know how.

It’s often in these times of feeling helpless that the Lord gently guides us in the direction of someone who can help.

This afternoon, I noticed something gunky in Macy’s eye.  I assumed it was sleep, wiped it away, and went on with the day.  And then it came back.  That’s strange, I thought.  But I wiped it away one more time.  And went on.

Until around dinnertime, when I noticed her eyelid was swollen and the gunk wasn’t going away.  I could feel that helpless feeling start creeping up on me.  But we just so happened to be eating dinner with our good friends, and she just so happens to be a nurse, and she looked at Macy’s eye from across the table and told me Macy probably had some kind of eye infection.

You’ll probably just need some kind of antibiotic eye drop, she told me.  But I would check with a doctor first just to make sure.

Jeff and I a little research on eye infections when we got back to the house.  We figured due to her symptoms that Macy’s probably was bacterial, meaning that we did need to know from a doctor what kind of antibiotic drops were okay and the correct dosage.

Alas, neither Jeff nor I attended medical school.  My English major is really only good for things like reading books.  And maybe writing this blog.

And so God led us right to who we needed – a good doctor friend in the US who was more than willing to help us know what kind of medicine Macy girl needed.  We called him at 10 pm (for us), wrote down all the antibiotic eye drops he said we could use, correct dosage, and Jeff was off to the pharmacy by 10:25.  He made it into the door of the pharmacy before they closed at 10:30 and with the help of Pleco (a Chinese-English dictionary on his phone) and lots of Google Translate (an ex-pat’s best friend) was able to get the right stuff.

The eye drops cost 1.3 RMB – the equivalent of about 20 cents.

We “woke” Macy up so that we could one dose in before the morning.  By this point, her eyelid was pretty swollen and her eyelashes were all glued together from the gunk.  It was difficult, but we managed to get two drops into her eye.  By morning, her eye already looked better.

I breathed a sigh of relief.  And thanked God that He always has the cure for my helplessness.


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