Super Eight

I can feel the baby-ness of Selah shedding away.  Her eighth month is definitely going to be the month she starts crawling (she’s so close!) and the month where her teeth start coming in (she just got two!).

I’m a little sad that my baby is growing up.


Hi, Mommy!

Sweet girl

At eight months Selah –

Just got her first two teeth (on the bottom)

Takes two good naps – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  She’ll squeeze in an evening one sometimes, but I like it better when she just goes to bed earlier. 🙂

Can get up on her knees and rock, but prefers to scooch and roll

Does not like to eat solid food and throws most of whatever I give her on the ground.  She is the opposite of Macy, who LOVED food.  Selah is completely disinterested.

Loves to play with whatever Macy is playing with

Is a pretty happy baby most of the time

Happy eight months sweet Selah!


2 thoughts on “Super Eight

  1. precious picture!
    blessed woman that you are… i HATED making baby food! looks like you just might get to skip all the time-sucking and draining process and go straight to “real” food.
    thanks Selah for making your mommy’s life a lot more bearable! i’m proud of you!

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