Just Another Badge

I never was a Girl Scout, but sometimes I imagine motherhood as a way to earn badges.  With a three year old and an eight month old, I figured I’ve earned my fair share.  And I’m sure there are many, many more to come.

Stayed-up-all-night-with-a-throwing-up-kid.  Check.

Changed-a-dirty-diaper-in-my-lap-because-there-was-nowhere-else.  Check.

Pooped-on.  Check.

Played-Ring-Around-the-Rosies-until-dizzy.  Check.

Known-my-kiddo-was-sick-just-by-touching-her-forehead.  Check.

Read-Make-Way-for-Ducklings-42-times-because-it’s-my kid’s-new-favorite.  Check.

Spent-the-last-month-or-so-passing-around-different-viruses-with-girls.  Check.


First, we all had colds.  I believe these originated from Selah girl, then on to Macy, then Mommy and finally Daddy.  It was a long four or five days.

Then, we all got to experience the eye infection.  This made its way (slowly, of course) from Macy to Mommy to Selah and back to Mommy.  Fortunately, Daddy was saved from this one.

And the finale – a virus Macy carried home complete with high fever and throwing up.  Fortunately, it only lasted in Macy for a day and a half.  Unfortunately for Selah – she got it the next day and hung on to it for three days.  During these three days, I earned a couple more badges –





Poor baby.

But today, I write to you with two healthy little girls.  Selah’s rash is fading, Macy’s running around like a crazy girl again.

Praise the Lord.


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