When we first moved into this apartment, we did a lot of things to make it feel homey.  Putting in a Western toilet, buying a bathtub, adding black-out curtains, hanging up pictures and throwing down rugs all made this place feel less like a concrete box and more like a place that we could call home.

Ex-pats take two different sides when it comes to changing apartments – many will wait until they’ve found a more “permanent” place to live before making any major changes.  But as far as we knew, this was going to be our “permanent” home.  Meaning we’d better make it home.

So over the past 18 months, this place has seen a lot.  Selah’s birth.  Macy’s first day of school.  Selah’s first try at solid food.  Macy’s first night in a big bed.  Selah’s first crawl.

With our time in the US looming closely ahead, we had a major decision to make.  Keep the apartment or let it go and find another one.  And then the water started appearing on our kitchen counter.

That made the decision a little easier.

Since moving here, we’d noticed that this place molded easier than our old place.  We assumed that it was mainly because of the third floor location rather than the tenth.  We were right, in part, but our landlord did not mention that there is a major leak coming from the fourth floor that has yet to be repaired.  They tried once, about 2 years ago, but it was done poorly and now is a reoccurring problem.

Over time, our kitchen counter has become useless as it fills with water every day.  The entryway wall is turning black from the water and mold.  And even in our bedroom there is a spot where the water mark continues to grow.  Our management office is estimating two months of work.

Fortunately we have some amazing friends that are willing to hold on to our stuff – and willing to buy some of the bigger things – while we are in the US.

Unfortunately, this means our homey house is quickly being reduced to boxes and rice bags.  Kinda like when we moved here.  It almost feels like we are going backward.

I’m wondering if mailing them would be cheaper than an airplane ticket.

Happy packing.  Again.



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