Nine Months

Celebrating nine months of Selah…

hi, Mommy

Don’t you want to snuggle me?

Here I come!

Whatcha doin’?

Got you!

Selah is MOBILE.  Gasp.  I leave the room for a second and there she is, crawling down the hallway to find me.  She giggles when I come back.  She has perfected the army crawl and has moved on to the hands and knees crawl.  Two days ago, I caught her standing up in her bed!  What happened to my baby?!

Selah is OPINIONATED.  She wants certain toys to play with and cries if you take them away.  Most of the time these are not, in fact, toys – but dangerously small objects she would like to taste.  If she is in the middle of crawling and you pick her up, she is not happy.  She likes controlling where she is going.  I have no idea where she got that from.

Selah is a SNUGGLER.  She likes to sit with me and snuggle.  She also has decided this month that she would rather fall asleep next to someone rather than by herself.  I cannot wait until she and Macy can sleep together.

I love you, Selah girl.


One thought on “Nine Months

  1. ahhhh. what a sweetie! what a busy time this is! even so, i’m so thankful that you two are able to enjoy some sweet snuggle time together! certainly a wonderful gift!
    thank you for taking such good care of busy selah and her big sis! 😀

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