Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

If you’re in the US, don’t go shopping for backpacks and lunch boxes in October.  I think they put them into storage right next to the slip and slides, bubble machines, and kiddie pools.


The night before Macy’s first day of school, I remembered that I needed to send her with a backpack and lunch box.  She had a backpack on the east side but it was tiny (she only needed a change of clothes) and I couldn’t find it anyway.  She’s never had a lunch box because on the east side all meals are prepared for students at school.  I had never packed Macy a lunch before.

Culture shock.

So I found myself at Walmart at 8:30 at night with Macy in tow trying to find a good backpack and lunch box.  I must have walked the entire store before I even found ANY backpacks and I never found lunch boxes.  Someone aimlessly pointed me to the camping section for a lunch box – not quite what I had in mind.

I finally found the backpacks near the front of the store (go figure).

Option #1 – Cars.

Option #2 – Disney Princesses.

Well, at least that wasn’t a difficult decision.

I then went over to Walgreens.  Nothing.

And finally a run over to Target.  No other backpacks, but they did have lunch boxes.

Option #1 – Cars.

Option #2 – Disney Princesses.

Not kidding.

At least they sort of match.

My attempt to take a picture of her new backpack.

So Asian.

Happy first day of school, baby girl.

Round two.


One thought on “Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

  1. love all that pink!
    oh my, i think i had a bit of culture shock reading this… and seeing this! look at all those beautiful pink flowers… and perfectly manicured grass!
    so thankful for firsts (even if they are also seconds!)… and Dad’s gracious & surprising provision!

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