The Last Month

My friend Sandra recently wrote that she wished November had 31 days.  Amen, sister.

Where did November go?

The last day of the month means that my baby girl is now a whole month older and has made it into her 11th month.  I find myself not ready to have a one-year-old.  Part of me wishes I could keep counting her age in months instead.

I tried capturing some shots of Selah girl post-bath, pre-bed, but had some trouble keeping up with her.


We have a little trouble keeping things out of our mouth






And we’re off…


Selah’s new favorite spot is the stairs




Up, up we go



11 month old Selah:

Got her third tooth a few days ago

Started saying “Good girl!” and clapping her hands

Cruises but doesn’t walk yet

Likes to dance by holding onto the furniture and waving one arm to the music

Finds everything she can on the floor to put into her mouth – and then throws her food onto the floor

Only says mama when she’s upset

Smiles, smiles, smiles

Happy 11 months, Selah baby.


2 thoughts on “The Last Month

  1. hahaha! this post made me smile, really big!

    1st of all – YES! i agree with you & Sandra – November really does need an extra day… or 2!
    funny to me (but probably not you) that she puts everything in her mouth but throws her food on the ground. maybe she loves “splat!”
    silly selah girl that she only calls “mama” when she’s upset. my own baby girl refused to say “mama” for a long time. :~/
    btw: LOVE her hair! she has the same hairline liberty had… at 20 months. good to see all that fun hair already sprouting on her head! 😀

    merry CHRISTmas friends!!!

  2. Just thinking of you today so I wanted to write. I’ve enjoyed all your posts from the states. I can’t believe how big Selah is getting. Could she be any cuter in those pajamas? Loved Macy & Selah’s photo shoot. Both girls are so sweet. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! hugs.

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