Don’t Touch Your Horns!

One of the things I love about Macy going to preschool is all the fun activities that she gets to be a part of.  It feels so…American.  I love that every day she comes home with a picture she’s colored, a craft she’s completed, or a yummy treat from her teachers.

“Macy, how was school today?”


“What did you guys do?”

“Um, I colored a pink shepherd.”

“That’s good.  Did you go outside?”

“Yes.  I fell down.  And I bonked my head with another girl.”

“Hmm.  Are you okay?”


“Is she okay?”

“Yes. Oh – and I got time-out.”

“Really?  For what?”

“Hmm.  I was screaming.”

“Oh.  Did you say you were sorry?”


“Ok.  Well, we don’t scream, do we?”

“No.  Mommy, can we listen to Away in a Manger?”

“Sure, baby.”

Bless her teacher’s heart.

One of the highlights of this semester was the Christmas program the preschool put on.  Wow.  The amount of work the teachers and kiddos put in was unbelievable.  Since Macy is my first kid and she has never been in any kind of program, I was giddy about going.  Yes, that’s right – giddy.

We had to be there a little early so that the kiddos could get their costumes on.  (Costumes!)  I kept wondering how Macy would do on the stage.  She’d been singing the songs for weeks (complete with hand motions), but I wasn’t sure it would translate up on that stage.

It didn’t matter.


Macy was a cow.  There were sheep in her class too.


She didn’t do a whole lot of singing, but I managed to get one shot of her with her mouth open.

IMG_5503 crop

Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of kiddos singing Away in a Manger.  Love.

IMG_5511 crop

Macy and her friend Lydia.  One of the teachers had told me they’d asked Macy not to touch her horns during the performance.  I think this was right after.  Ah, well.

It was super fun getting to watch her up on that stage – costume and all.  It’s hard for me to believe what a big girl she is.

We finished up the night with cookies and punch.  Who doesn’t love a good cookie after a performance?  Thank you Joyful Noise Preschool for all of your hard work!  We moms and dads sure appreciate it.


One thought on “Don’t Touch Your Horns!

  1. precious!
    the last picture… oh my, she’s just beautiful!
    macy… not looking so toddler-like anymore. :-/ she’s looking more and more like a big girl. oh my! time does fly!
    hang in their mama… i can tell that you 2 are gonna have a lot of fun together! 😀
    & remember to enjoy your precious baby girl, selah, all the more!
    merry CHRISTmas!!!

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