Where Are All the Gingerbread Men?

After being a mom for three and a half years, I’ve come to a very important realization.

I will never be super mom.

Now that that’s out of the way.

Macy’s school was having a Christmas party on the 20th.  The teachers and staff have put together the last two parties, so they asked if any mommies would like to help with this one.  Of course, I said.  Setting up a party for a twelve three year olds requires three things – activities, activities, activities.  Oh – and some food.

My “job” was to organize one of the activities – cookie decorating.  It just so happened that we had been at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and she gave Macy a gingerbread man to decorate – complete with yummy icing and lots of sprinkles.  I thought it would be a great idea to bring twelve gingerbread men, some icing, and green and red sprinkles to decorate them.

Until I couldn’t find said gingerbread men.

I went to several different stores – including Walmart with both of my girls – and still couldn’t find them.  I called the store where our friend had just purchased them.  They told me they only carried gingerbread houses.

So I went into the grocery store and found a different option.  They were selling packages with sugar cookies in the shape of stars, Christmas trees, and bells.  Perfect, I thought.  I’ll just buy a dozen of those and we’re good to go.  But they only sold them complete with specialty icing and they were a little more money than I wanted to spend.

I went up to the bakery and asked if I could just buy the cookies.

“No, I’m sorry.  We only sell them in the packages.”

“Well, can I order some cookies?  I could pick them up tomorrow.”

“No.  We only sell them the way they come.”

And suddenly I felt like I was back on the east side.  Mei banfa.  (there is no solution)

I went home feeling defeated.  I figured I’d just go back in the morning, get boring round sugar cookies and let the kids decorate those.  Bah humbug.

Until my aunt called.

“Amy.  Are you still looking for gingerbread men?”


“I found some.  You want them?”


And done.

So while I guess I won’t win super mom any time soon (she would have just made the cookies from scratch), at least the kiddos had some gingerbread men.



The morning of the party


A little paint with water fun


So happy to see Selah.  Selah was a little…overwhelmed.  Thank you Cook Cook for watching Selah so that Macy and I could party.


Decorating our gingerbread men.  Macy liked the pink sprinkles.  Surprise, surprise.  Cook Cook also had the brilliant idea to bring green and red mini M&M’s to use for buttons.  She’s already been super mom of the year.  Thirty-something times. 🙂


All the friends decorating their cookies.  The mom in charge of the party is also super mom material.  She had the idea to use wrapping paper as the table cloth.  Genius.


The cookie was the gift that kept on giving.  We packed those suckers up and sent them home.  Macy ate some of hers after school.


We LOVE sprinkles.  Merry, merry Cookie.  I mean, Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Where Are All the Gingerbread Men?

  1. yummy!
    last year we bought a gingerbread house from Ikea but when we got it out to decorate (wayyyyy after CHRISTmas) it was only broken pieces of the actual house. no icing. no fun candy. so we ate the broken pieces. no super mom in these parts either!
    way to go auntie & cook cook!

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