The Unprofessional

During Macy’s first Christmas, I decided I wanted to go to a professional photographer and have a family photo taken.  I wanted a couple of shots of Macy and one of the three of us looking family-ish.  They turned out kind of…eh.  By the time we got Macy to smile, his camera ran out of pictures (hmm?) and he missed the couple of opportunities that you get with a 7 month old.

So this year, we did it old school.

Me, the camera, a Christmas tree, and two little girls in puffy dresses.

Let’s see how they turned out.


Wow, this really is a big dress, Mommy.

IMG_5536 crop




Let’s hold hands


Yes!  I got one where they’re both looking at the camera! (well, sort of)





Hi, Selah!  You’re in the same dress as me now!


I wonder how many more of these Mom is going to make us do.



2 thoughts on “The Unprofessional

  1. OH MY WORD. Those dresses are incredible. I don’t know if this makes you feel any better, but I’m a photographer and I still enjoy going to a studio or using another photographer to take pictures of my kids. It’s hard work to get everyone looking in the same direction! 🙂

  2. let me guess… the “photographer” who ran out of “pictures” was from Target? >:-/ argh!
    love the dresses! especially the matching red ones! so sweet!
    cracks me up that CHRISTmas winter dresses are sleeveless.
    looking forward to having a warm & sleeveless CHRISTmas next year!

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