The Cookie Cake Remix

When Macy turned one, we just-so-happened to be in London.  We celebrated by seeing the sights and eating cookie cake.

When she turned two, we ate more cookie cake.

Now that Selah is turning one, I figured I might as well go with tradition.  We changed it up by adding a little pink.




I can’t wait any longer!!



At one, Selah –

Waves “HI!”

Crawls at a super speed

Cruises on any furniture – and pushes things around to where she wants them

Likes to throw things

Pointed at Macy’s stuffed kitty and said, “Kitty.”

Still snuggles and likes to be held

Sucks down those baby food pouches – especially the ones with pear in them

Eats most of what you put in front of her

Really likes it when you give her water from a straw

Happy birthday my sweet baby girl!  I love you!


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