A Very Disney Spring Break

For the 11 days that made up Macy’s spring break, we were home for one of them.


It was so jam-packed that I’m not sure I can get it all in one blog post.  So we’ll see how it goes.

We left on Thursday to make our way to a most magical time – the Disney cruise.  Back in November, when my mom was still feeling decent, we had talked about taking a trip to Florida to see family.  While in Florida, we thought about hitting up Disney World, but I felt like the girls were still too young.  The cruise seemed like the best of both worlds – see some Disney characters, go to some Disney shows, and not have to walk all over the park with two kiddos.

Once my mom got sicker and was planning on participating in a clinical trial, the whole trip was put on hold.  And then when she passed away, in my mind, it was cancelled.

Until one night, when my dad said he’d still like to take it.  If we were willing to go with him.

Sign me up.

Macy was beyond excited.  Airplanes?  Beaches?  Family?  Minnie Mouse?  What could be better?!

Just going to the airport was enough to make Macy happy.  I had forgotten how much of a third culture kid she already is – she feels so at home traveling.

But I kept promising her Mickey Mouse.  When will we see Mickey Mouse?  When, Mommy, when?

And then we entered the boat to a grand welcome…complete with Mickey and Minnie.


Seeing Macy’s face as we got to meet character after character on the boat was just priceless.  Here’s just a few…


First night on the boat – we’re a little tired, but at least we’re with Minnie.


Macy’s face as the princesses enter




Telling Ariel that she is one of her favorites.  Macy’s never seen any of the movies, but Ariel wears a pink dress most of the time in the pictures.  This, of course, is enough to make the favorite list.


Quick shot while we wait in line.


Princess Minnie


One of the days was pirate themed.  On this day, we got to meet just about everybody – starting with Chip and Dale.




Super big hugs for Minnie.





Everyone knows that cruises are all about the food.  We were not disappointed.  Each night, the girls got their own kid-friendly menus and ate up their dinners happily.


Day at the beach




This was not Selah’s first trip to the beach, but the first one that she could be an active participant.  She LOVED the water and the sand.  What a beach bum.  🙂



The last night, a few more princesses came out for photo ops.


I think what I loved most about the cruise was seeing it through Macy’s eyes.  She just couldn’t believe she was on the same boat as Mickey, Minnie, and the princesses.  Every day, there was the pool and water slides to go down.  Every night, there was a new show to see.  It was so, so fun.

And just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, they did.  We got off the boat and drove to Clearwater Beach to see my dad’s twin brother and his family.  Macy and Selah have cousins the same age as them that they have never met – so much fun to finally see them play together!


Macy and Daniel play piano together.  Daniel was born just three days before Macy.  I remember that day vividly – my parents had just made it to Thailand to await Macy’s birth.


Selah and Abigail




The girlies


Our time would not have been complete without a game of baseball


Run, Macy!



Clearwater Beach 1

Skipping to the pool – with my cousin, Betty Jane and my Aunt Eileen

IMG00579-20130310-1802 (4)

Beautiful evening on the beach

We then made the drive over to Miami to see more family – including my grandmother and my uncle.  This was Selah’s first time to meet her great-grandmother.  She celebrated by taking about 20 steps on her own!


We love you Grandma!

So many beaches, so little time.  Guess we’ll have to go back soon!

(get excited…I’ve only done half of our spring break so far.  We were home just long enough to wash our bathing suits in preparation for our next trip – Wimberly, Texas with all of Jeff’s family!)


2 thoughts on “A Very Disney Spring Break

  1. We have been thinking about a Disney cruise while we are in the states. For our littles, it seems like such an easier option than the park. Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like you guys are having a fun spring break!

  2. What fun! Ken had told Brad (during a recent lunch they had) that you guys were taking the trip and I thought you were brilliant to opt for the cruise over the Magic Kingdom. So glad to see the photos and loved the one of your grandmother. She is beautiful!

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