The Second Born

I’ve heard it time and time again that parents don’t take quite as many pictures of their second born.  It’s not on purpose – you just find yourself busier with two.

With the invention of the camera phone, it’s a little bit easier to capture more moments of your kiddos.  I never have my camera handy when a cute moment arises, but I just about always have my phone.  They may not be the perfect pictures, but at least I’ve managed to capture the moment to remember it.

Here’s a couple of my second born I’d like to remember –


Talking with her sweet friend, Hannah


Posing at the dance clinic




Feeding the ducks (and herself) with Cook Cook…


Worn out.


The burrito girls.  Visiting baby Abigail at the hospital and showing Daddy Matt the magic swaddle.


New jammies.


The waving blur.  Bye, Mommy!


Look, Papa!  I can play golf too!

Oh my sweet Selah baby.  Your mommy loves you so.


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