Noah’s Ark

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have.  Unfortunately, this nature rears its ugly head at an early age.

My girls were taking a bath and since we had some extra time, I pulled out a Fisher Price Noah’s Ark set for them to play with.  I love this toy because there are two of every animal – two lions, two elephants, two zebras.  Perfect for two girls.

However, there is only one Noah.

And Selah ended up with him first.

Macy: Mommy!  Selah has Noah!

Me:  That’s okay, Macy.  Let Selah play with Noah for a minute.

Macy: No! I want to play Noah’s Ark.

Me (sighing): Oh, Macy.  You can still play Noah’s Ark.  Here’s the boat and here’s some of the animals.

Macy (frustrated):  You can’t play Noah’s Ark without Noah!!

Good point, Macy.  However, you still have to wait until Selah is done.


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