A Very Princess Birthday

My little girl turned four years old today.  Something about four just sounds so old to me.  You’re closer to school-age than you are to babyhood.  You can play by yourself (well, some of the time), you’re out of diapers (hallelujah), and you are old enough to participate in “big kid” activities – swim lessons, dance class, soccer.  You’re really starting to grow up.

The night before, Macy and I made her cake.  I’m sure you can’t guess what color it was.


My mother-in-law was the finder of the princesses.  She had found a couple of them on sale at Kroger for 50 cents.  After all of her collecting, we were only missing Sleeping Beauty.  Right before Macy’s birthday, we found her at our Kroger for full price – $3.99.  We bought her anyway.


Macy “helping” with the cake decorating

When I asked Macy what she wanted for her birthday, she said “a wand”.  When I asked Macy where she wanted to go eat for her birthday, she said, “the pancake place.”

Done and done.

We started off at IHOP for breakfast with my dad and my aunt.  My aunt gave her a Sleeping Beauty crown, wand, and earrings.


Then back to the house for present time…


She opened up new sparkly shoes first and then a couple of books.

And then for the finale…


Her very own Sleeping Beauty dress.  Ta-da.



After that, we went over to Cook Cook and Buddy’s for another celebration.  Macy shares her birthday with her cousin, Grace, so we did a little joint party for the girls.

IMG_9214.jpg crop

Birthday girls and their cakes – Grace turned 9 this year


Make a wish!


Macy didn’t take off her dress the entire day and cried when it was time to take a bath and put on pajamas.  I washed it out the next morning and put it in the utility room to dry.  When we came home after being with a friend all afternoon, she asked if she could put it back on.

At least it will be a present that doesn’t get old right away.

Happy birthday, Macy girl!  We love you!


One thought on “A Very Princess Birthday

  1. Looks like Macy had a wonderful day! I loved your letter to Macy, too. You are such a super mom. Miss you all!!!!

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