Well, it may be seventy-nine degrees outside, but November has officially begun.  It’s the month of being thankful, the month of (maybe) some cooler weather, the month of shorter days, and the month of my mother.  For as long as I can remember, November has belonged to my mother.  Her birthday was 11/11.

Birthdays have always been a relatively big deal in my family – going out to dinner, inviting friends over, having cake and ice cream.  Opening gifts.  I always liked shopping for mom – there was always books she wanted to read, or a new coffee mug from our city in China, new shoes, maybe a new purse.  Anything that had the girls’ pictures on it was a hit.

Last year during her birthday celebration, A&M was playing Alabama and I had to drag my dad and Jeff away from the game in order to make our dinner reservations at Pappadeaux.  We spent most of the meal talking about the football game.  And trying to keep the girls entertained with crackers and bread.  Not that it mattered.  I think my mother was happy that we were here and together.  It was the first birthday I had spent with her in seven years.

This year, I’m sure it will be a difficult day.  I will miss her terribly, but I think she’d get a kick out of never aging.  She used to tell people that she was 39.

So, happy birthday Mom.  You’ll always be 39 to me.


4 thoughts on “November

  1. Amy I miss her dearly. Birthday’s were very special to her and she loved getting together. We always went to Starbucks to celebrate with coffee and a pastry and would talk for hours there. Most of the time it was lunchtime when we would finally leave. It was just our time without the hubbies and we would catch up on everything going on in our lives. She would share all her stories of what was going on with you and your family. You, your family and your Dad were the love of her life. She was very proud of you and loved the girls. We would then all meet up, me, Perry, Sharon, Jerry and your Dad for dinner to continue Anita’s 39 yr. celebration. I will truly miss sharing our coffee and stories on the 11th, but I will be thinking of her as I drink my coffee that morning wishing her a special day in Heaven.

  2. I would call your mom and she would call me on our birthdays. “Just a quick call to say happy birthday” that would always last a while. Missed my call from her this year but sat down and told her all that was going on. Could hear her laugh and that made me smile.

  3. I know as painful as these milestones are, that they are filled with joy as well as you remember her & the beauty of her life. Her life continues to be a sweet testimony… through your life, your love for Jesus & how you continue to honor her.
    Will be praying specifically for your family on the 11th.

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