The Family Photo

For Jeanette’s birthday this year, we tried to give her a very special gift.  We attempted a family photo.  Without an extra person to take said photo.  Good thing Jennifer was able to balance the camera on the back of the couch.

Just getting us all in the same place is difficult enough, but adding on the number of kids we have now – it makes for a real fun time trying to get everyone to look at the camera, let alone smile at it.

But we tried.  🙂


So here we are.  I have no idea what Macy is doing with her hair or where Selah is looking, but everybody else looks pretty good.


And here are Buddy and Cook Cook’s SEVEN grandchildren.  Whew.  You’ve got Haley, Macy, Braeden holding Daniel, Avery, Grace, and Selah (still looking off, but ah well).  What a cute group of kiddos.

We love you Cook Cook.  Happy, happy birthday!


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